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“His name might not conjure up a familiar face, but he is present nonetheless, and present everywhere. What Ziegfeld’s book does best is showcase how success is a relative term …  But if success, to you, looks like a challenging – even adventurous – life full of rich detail, laughter, and just enough adversity to keep things interesting, then Ziegfeld has earned himself the highest honors. And so has his story.”

– WENDI NUNNERY, HuffPost Columnist & Author


“The stories of inside show business are fascinating and entertaining. The new book is a gem in storytelling that will finally win him that fame — as an author.”  

– ROBIN LEACH, The Las Vegas Sun & formerly Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous



“Required reading by would-be stand-up comedians and performers alike.”




“Read the book. Many thanks for the nice memories.”

– GEORGE SCHLATTER, Creator/director of Laugh In, The American Comedy Awards & Motown 25



“An intriguing inside-out view of ‘TheBiz ‘and the journey of a talent.”

– BILL BOGGSEmmy Winning TV Host & Executive Producer
Comedy Tonight, WNBC, TruTV, Morton Downey Jr Show



“Ziggy’s true stories perfectly depict the wacky ups and downs of being an ‘almost famous’ performer! Some parts are so funny it’ll make you cry and other parts may just make you want to cry. I’ve never read such an honest representation of the roller-coaster that is show business. If you want to know the truth about what it takes to build and create a career for yourself – and how to make the most of it, then this is the book for you.”

– CHRISTINA BIANCODrama Desk Nominee & YouTube Sensation



“Whether you like a humorous behind-the-scenes glimpse of Hollywood, or a candid “you can’t make this stuff up” account of the entertainment industry, this book has IT ALL! The quickest, funniest, non-fiction must read in a very long time.”

– RYAN JAY, CriticUS Weekly & Fox Morning Blend



“Devoured the whole thing… laughed so many times!!  Very envious, you’re a MUCH better writer than I.”

– REX HAVENS, Comedian/Author of “Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned From My Wife”



“I bought the e-book and just howled. I couldn’t put the book down. Well, turn it off.”  




“Funny and authentic.”



“I actually knew who he was! Great book. Great interview. He rocked.”



“I laughed out loud at each story. I’d buy this book. OK, so that’s ONE sold.”
JEFF HOBSON, The Illusionists & Magician of the Year



“He should be a psychologist. Zingers, bravery & loving insight and perspective on ‘the human condition’.”
MARY BOYER, Director/Coach



“He’s a great puppeteer with huge stonking talent and very funny. This book is an awesome read.
MIKE QUINN, The Muppets / Star Wars


“I am reading the book with a cheap bottle of wine and a box of tissues … for the laughter of course.”
– MISTINGUETT, Choreographer & Costume Designer, American Theatre Musical Roundtable Hall of Fame


“He writes about being unsuccessful but I’ve never heard of anyone more successful!”
– SETH RUDETSKY, Seth Speaks – Sirius XM



“Besides being a treasure trove of fun, I still must give props for the author for holding back some of the more delicate details he has been privy to. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars because the author has truly lived a unique and eventful life, so the highlights he gives us as the reader, are equally remarkable and captivating.”

– M.MALLIS, Online Book Club