Ziegfeld is Banned from BANK OF AMERICA


When I first moved to LA, I went to SKANK of AMERICA to open several accounts.


3 days later I discovered the accounts were closed without notice. I was told it was due to an inconsistency in my current, personal, security information. They informed me that they had alternate background info on file. But I had never been with BOA before.


After forcing an investigation and a few days on the phone with customer service, it was discovered that this info on me was from Commonwealth Federal Savings and Loan in Audubon, Pennsylvania. This was my very first bank account I ever had. It was closed out with a zero balance in 1989. However, the bank never closed the computer file. So after the bank was re-purchased and renamed 3 times over the 20-something years, it ended up becoming a BOA branch. So certainly my personal information had changed since 1989.


Now that the mystery was solved I figured they would reopen the account. They would not. I was told that once my name had a security breach against it, I was banned from BOA forever. I tried to make the point that this was their error and I shouldn’t be penalized for it. Moreover I was inconvenienced with my checking and general banking because of it. They didn’t budge.


I asked when the small deposits required to open each account would be returned to me. They told me the money would not be returned because it was spent on the investigation. I was never told I was being charged for the investigation. An investigation that was based on their error.


I returned to my bank branch on Labrea and Wilshire for several days. The run around was unbeatable alone and I gave up. This is coming from a man (me) who stalked a robber into his own neighborhood and flushed him out with flyers to return my goods!  But that’s another story.