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The Tonight Show, The Grammy Awards, Sex and the City, America’s Got Talent,  Sesame Street, The Ten co-starring with Winona Ryder, 27 Dresses opposite Katherine Heigl and with Kevin Spacey in The Ventriloquist. 

Voicing and puppeteering for Jim Henson Productions, Saturday Night Live, Dick Clark, MTV, VH-1, Walt Disney Productions  and numerous national commercial campaigns.

Tours with Lewis Black, Joan Rivers, Lisa Lampanelli, Margaret Cho, Jeff Foxworthy, Rita Rudner, Phyllis Diller, Brett Butler, Wynonna Judd, James Brown, The Pointer Sisters, The Beach Boys, Kenny Rogers, Norm Crosby and The Mills Brothers.

An audience with Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and voted Atlantic City Magazine’s “Act of the Year.” 


He has written for Real Time with Bill Maher, The Friar’s Roasts, editorials for The Huffington Post, USA Today and his new all-star book from Post Hill Publishing.





The Bits, the Stand-Up, the Ventriloquism and a slick Improviser has audiences on a roller coaster ride of quick-witted banter and off-the-cuff comedic tirades trademarking the veteran, along with his ventriloquist creations of “The International Bird of Prey,”  “The Worlds’ Oldest Gymnast” and his “Emotional Support Roach.” He’s a heavy hitter as a sure-fire, home run act,  charming the pants off each audience while taking them right to the edge, having critics tout him as “Fast paced, contemporary and smooth!”



Critic’s Reviews




What sets Michael apart from most ventriloquists is that his origin as a comedian and improv master allow him to leave the characters during the show and be his own, equally strong personality, providing a uniquely intelligent, multi-layered variety show.

Michael is sensitive to, and has successfully performed with children present in some of his audiences (cruise ships, private engagements, etc.). However, he is a nightclub/theater show. While he may not do “language” per se,  his show and material is intellectually geared towards his peers with the occasional innuendo and/or adult themes. 

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