Critic’s Reviews

Really funny and obviously a good writer.– Jimmy Brogan, Head Writer – “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”


“We knew he was one of the best comedians working. We were lucky to get him.”          –  David Wain – Director, “The Ten”


“Funny stuff and well played by Heigl and the cabdriver, Michael Ziegfeld who both make the most of the slapstick possibilities.” – E Talk Hollywood


“… such a pro and so fun to work with. The pleasure was all ours!”                                  – Carter Swan & Kevin Spacey, Executive Producers – Trigger Street Productions






“Holy shit bro, you are super talented.”    – Deepak Sethi, Family Guy & Dumb and Dumber 2


“… precise and nuanced. That short scene demonstrates just about the most perfect manipulation  I’ve ever seen.“ – Alan Semok, Film & Television FX Master


 ” … a comedian with serious acting chops!” – Jonathan Stern – Executive Producer, “Children’s Hospital”/City Lights Pictures

“He was fantastic. I’ve given raves and blessings on him.” – Dusty Bennett, Disney Broadway Theatrical Productions


“With his technical craftsmanship and clever script, he is the most impressive voice-thrower to hit the showroom stage in many years…a spicy, winning performance!”   – Chuck Darrow, Courier Post – Atlantic City


“He has certainly made a lot of new fans since his arrival….” – Bob Dee, Fun & Gaming Magazine – Reno/Tahoe


“He sends audiences into an uproarious frenzy!” – Lori Beth Sussman, Jackpot Magazine – Gulf Coast


“He’s the perfect blend of talent…warm, friendly and delightfully funny!” – John Kravitz,  NBC – Atlantic City


“We laughed our heads off. Absolutely brilliant!” – Caroline Hunt, Richmond Television Syndication


“He wouldn’t let the audience breathe! They were holding their stomachs from laughter pains.” – Darren Romeo, Siegfried & Roy Productions

“Ziegfeld bandies with the audience so well!” – Mel Shields, Showtime Magazine – Nevada


“He has great range!” – Cathey Lizzio, CED Agency


“Michael is a virtual whirlwind of talent!” – Nancy Glass, Anchor – American Journal


“You rarely see such showmanship anymore…he’s just wonderful!” – The Amazing Kreskin


“He’s got something that audiences welcome, charm & talent!” – Arthur Novell, Celebrity Publicist – Markham/Novell LTD.


“He’s so multifaceted because he has really studied the business.” – Greg Thompson, Guinness World Record Stage Producer


“Besides being hilarious, he has a great voice, character acting skills and even made me tear up at times.” – Evie Aronson, LAST COMIC STANDING