Larger Than Life Gala

I got a call from the organization about their annual gala at the famed Beverly Hilton’s International Ballroom, home to the Golden Globes.


This year they created a late night talk show style program starring Israeli comedian/TV personality, Guri Alki with musical guest, Netta Barzilai. AND they want an all puppet band. Why? Who knows! But we’re doin’ it.


I had eight days to source and cut music tracks, click tracks,  find/choose/get clearance and rent puppets, scour the internet and stores to find miniature instruments wardrobe and accessories, find puppeteers, paint, sew and rig props, learn all the music and vocals, partner with set and technical designers for TV and audio monitors, IFB earpiece, mics, load in, rehearsal cue to cue with host, techs, cameras, then show.