Look-a-Like Puppet Productions

One business that allows me to utilize all of the tools in my toolbox is what I do for corporate clients across the country …

We create incredible puppet look-a-likes of your company leaders that star in produced content for your website, product pitching or role out, sales and stock holder meeting, corporate conference, in-house media, HR video, television and digital platform outreach to rave reviews.

We interview staff to gain insight into the boss’s personalities, idiosyncracies and backgrounds to create over exaggerated, comedic fodder in our scripts while threading the company’s mission and  goals.

  • Puppet design and creation.
  • Character development.
  • Scripting.
  • Casting, prop , set and equipment sourcing.
  • Pre and post audio and video production.

The big finish is flying the puppets and puppeteers to your event  to shoot and interact live and in person!