The Gays Are Upset About the Tony Awards Opening Number

Certain gay contingencies are up in arms for Neil Patrick Harris’s opening song in tonight’s show.

If so many gay people were insulted, then my question is, when did the gays become the starchy, overly sensitive conservatives? We are finally getting our voices heard through openly gay mainstream talent, story lines and politicians. Now that we have a strong voice that is getting stronger, some of us are getting power hungry and losing balance, compassion, humor and becoming exactly what the hatemongers feared. We are known for our ability to take a good ribbing. But tonight’s broadcast was not at our expense. It was for the morons.

This was a satirical piece. One of the reasons the broadcast rarely gets ratings is because the rest of America is uneducated. This was coddling the limited thinkers of stereotyping and patting them on the head amongst other things. The BALLS it takes for a network to allow such a production number to be broadcast is liberal and liberating. The censors allowed this, understanding it is a tongue and cheek wink to those of higher brow .