Once in a while, I still make myself proud…



Once in a while, I still make myself proud on stage. 10 minutes into tonight’s performance my throat went dry, tight and started to hurt. I had blown it out from the early show. The upside was a new discovery, that as I compensated to sustain as much vocal command as possible for the next 40 minutes, I in turn found yet another way to deliver jokes I’ve been telling for months. Very interesting, new territory in real time.

Now – If you’ve read my book, you know after a traumatizing experience years ago, I get panicked about religious groups in my audience. Generally they cannot understand they are in a comedy show and therefore it is merely satire. At the end of the show I do an audience participation piece.


Tonight I brought up Matt. who turned out to be a pastor with a group of 600 Christian conservatives out of the 1200 audience members. What I learned only about 8 years ago was, honesty is the best policy. The first thought is the funniest, which was when I turned to the audience and said, “This will not go well”, then gave Matt a low, Sammy Davis Jr., waist hug every time I said something questionable. My normal night club innuendo would not work tonight. So I made the other audience members say their lines and then chastised them in front of the pastor to uproarious laughter and applause.


After the show I was thanked for showing such care, then informed that the entire 600 were ALL pastors! Of course I did get 1 complaint to the front desk from a random woman saying, “The comedian was making fun of people and it made me uncomfortable. I wanted to leave but I was afraid he’d make fun of ME.”  Lady – I’m gonna have pastor Matt say a prayer for you.