Back to the Future



This was shot in downtown LA for a 2016 AT&T commercial. This Delorean is not from the film but is an officially approved replica used for most reboots of the brand.  Here’s a few fun pix before and during the crane and travel shots.




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For 10 years Sir Nigel Sinkwell traveled with the Prime Minister’s attache … case. He believes humans should not be considered the superior species and he thinks Americans are even worse.


Originally a consultant to the Royal family, Sinkwell was summoned to the United States. He rode The Queen Mary (and then got on a boat) to counsel the President on the escalating Kardashian infestation.


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Tamar Doesn’t Know How to Clear Her Throat.


That’s right. The simple clearing of one’s throat when congested. Tamar can do many things. But I discovered today Tamar cannot do that.

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My Benefit for The Trevor Project

Las Vegas Comes to Hollywood to benefit The Trevor Project

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MPZ’s “CJ and PEANUT” for MTV


MTV came to me and decided they wanted hosts for the On Demand channel instead of just a menu. The host’s would have storylines and give navigational directives to the viewer through bits and gags. It was the exec’s hope that eventually the characters would be branded into a show of their own as a part of the network.


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