Bill Hageman of The Chicago Tribune is writing a fun article about the Mayans’ prediction that the world is coming to an end next year.  In the spirit of “fun,” he would love to know the travel destination where celebrities would most like to be if/when the world ends next year. 


The Bronx, NY – Because you  can’t take it with you. And the Phillipino street gang will make sure of that.


Boise, ID – Because it’s rural, it’s basic and every hour is like a friggin eternity.


My mother’s house.  –  So my mother can say to me, “We’re going to die! And STILL no grandchildren thank you very much!” and her mother saying to her, “We’re going to see God! Is THAT what your wearing?”


The Vatican – So the Pope can turn to me and say, “I wonder if the Jews were right.”


 … My 12th grade algebra teacher’s house so I can say, “In my LIFETIME I have never had to find ‘X’!”