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Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Comic and Actor Michael Ziegfeld




My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is New York…because when I step outside, I feel the life and energy of everything and everyone. I’m a part of it. It is the crossroads of the world. Can’t sleep on a Tuesday night at 4 a.m.? There’s always something to do and people to do it with! It is also an efficient city of people. We get sh*t done. I will always call myself a New Yorker.


The first thing I do when I go to New Yorkis get on the subway and go to the village. That, or walk to Times Square and enjoy a heated argument with a homeless guy.


Everyone should visitLas Vegas. It’sa spectacle.


Visiting Biloxi Mississipi turned out to be a very pleasant surpriseBeing a Gay-Yankee-Jew, and workin’ there for 6 months…well, let’s just say, for the first week I thought the KKK was running the Fotomat.


My favorite restaurant to eat at in the U.S. isVilla di Roma in Philly’s Italian marketplace.


My favorite food at Villa di Romais their mussels in red.


A great town people may not know to visit isIntercourse Pennsylvania (do I have to explain?). Minneapolis is great too.


The Frank S. Farley Service Station…is a great truck stopit’s on the New Jersey Turnpike. I love this place because people are either going to Atlantic City and are excited or on their way back and are suicidal.


My favorite airport in the U.S. isthe Charlotte Douglas Airport in Charlotte, N.C. They actually have big rocking chairs in the corridors overlooking the airplanes. It’s a cross between “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “Pan Am.”


All this talk of travel makes me want to get home. I miss my couch.