I’m in Las Vegas when I get a call from my friend and business mogul, who can’t see me tonight because he has to stake out one of his establishments to “serve” his scumbag partners legal papers. BUT he can’t legally do it himself and asks me if I wanna get a drink, catch up and serve them.


I check with my best friend singer/songwriter, Shayna Steele if she’s want to join me to which she replied — “HELL YA”.


We had dinner with my friend at the casino awaiting an inside call to cue him as to the partner’s possible arrival on the property. The call came in at 12:36am. We were ushered in the back door, handed the legal papers with a color copy of the guys faces on the front of each. Shay and I walked in as a couple, through the crowds until we finally found them.


I took both of the papers (Shay was nervous they’d get violent), I stepped into their private circle of people, put my hand on one of their shoulders, smiled and asked, “Hey are you ______ and _____ ?” They said yes and I replied, “I’m sorry but you’ve been served.”


They tried to give it back but my hands were up, I said sorry, and as I turned away, I did get a light tap on the back of the head … we bolted out of the club and all got a drink, raising our glasses to “JUSTICE”!