You’re offended? I’m offended!



This piece is less for me but for another recent comedic injustice a friend was subjected to.


For some reason, the comedic performer is the only profession other people who aren’t in the business think they can critique, correct, and suggest to.


You would never sit up in surgery and tell your doctor how they should do things. And you never tell your accountant the best way to do the best tax return. So when I was younger and someone came up Read MoreRead More


The Art of Crowd-Work Comics
Excessive ‘Clapping Along’ and the ‘Round of Applause’
The Joan Rivers Clap
Speaking Out Against the General Public’s Usage of the Verbal ‘Rim Shot’
The Art of Bombing and Admitting It
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The Joan Rivers Clap



Joan and I talked many times about her signature, seal-like, long-armed clap when she entered or exited the stage.


As you may have read in my very first Huffington Post piece, I hate hate hate when performers tell the audience to give themselves a round of applause. It’s ludicrous, theatrically and directorial weak and just cheesy.


But Joan’s entrance clap wasn’t to cue them to clap. It wasn’t to get the crowd going. It was two-fold.


Many comics will accept the rejection Read MoreRead More

I’m a Crime Stopper



I left my apartment to check on my laundry down the hall. I hate doing laundry and I usually send it out. I don’t have a lot of money to burn, but it’s the one thing I do for myself.



Some people think laundry soothing or theraputic. Not me. I could die tomorrow and I spend the whole day fluffing and folding? No. I think it’s the folding I hate the most. I’d put socks on hangars if I could.



Except that Read MoreRead More

Once in a while, I still make myself proud…



Once in a while, I still make myself proud on stage. 10 minutes into tonight’s performance my throat went dry, tight and started to hurt. I had blown it out from the early show. The upside was a new discovery, that as I compensated to sustain as much vocal command as possible for the next 40 minutes, I in turn found yet another way to deliver jokes I’ve been telling for months. Very interesting, new territory in real time.

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Animax Designs – Virtual Puppet












Animax Designs has become a leading theatrical creature shop for puppets and advanced effects technology for television, film and theme parks.


Thanks to director of operations, Rob Saunders, I was called to perform a brand new piece of technology for a huge party hosting the heads of creative teams from across the international producing spectrum during the IAAPA Expo.


Aside from showing off creatures and 3-d branded characters, owner Chuck Fawcett wanted a new  an animatronic head that could be controlled virtually.


The Read MoreRead More

Prideful Living

Today I was walking next to an African-American woman, probably mid 50’s. She was holding a 99 cent store bag of groceries and an old umbrella to shield her from the 94 degree sun. Although it seemed she did not have a lot of money, she dressed herself with a quiet, charming, prideful style. When I caught her eye, she quietly said, “Happy Saturday.” We chatted briefly about the umbrella and when we parted ways I said, “Enjoy your day.” Read MoreRead More

The Famed Beverly Hilton Hotel

In 2009 I moved to LA to see if I could break out of the corner I had painted myself into. Then the economy tanked and so did my work. I was also in a relationship with someone who also fell on harder times than myself. Things were bad. The 99 cent store was the only placed I shopped for months. So I went back to where I began. A tech…



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