Saturday Night Live’s “TV Funhouse”


This was the final “TV Funhouse” where I revisited my role as “Mickey Mouse”.


In this episode, creator Robert Smigel (also known as ‘Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’) was disgusted with Disney’s manipulative marketing campaign to hurry up and buy their movies before they go into the vault for 80 years. So he spoofed it with voice actors that sound exactly like the Disney VO guy, and numerous Disney movie characters. He also had an ex-Disney animator.


After this aired, I received many angry calls from the Disney legal team and I was no longer being called in for voice auditions for some time! Hehehehe. Love it and came back two more times plus looping for “The Ambiguously Gay Duo.”


About a year later, I performed the mouse one last time for the director’s cut interview on “The Best of” DVD.