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For 10 years Sir Nigel Sinkwell traveled with the Prime Minister’s attache … case. He believes humans should not be considered the superior species and he thinks Americans are even worse.


Originally a consultant to the Royal family, Sinkwell was summoned to the United States. He rode The Queen Mary (and then got on a boat) to counsel the President on the escalating Kardashian infestation.


Residing at the British Embassy … Suites, he remained in the states with his wife Gwen and his 790 children as a political consultant and operative to the highest bidder.








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Too Young to Play Japan


This was the first time I had traveled internationally. I was offered a comedy spot within a show produced at the Show Boat Casino in Tokyo, Japan.


Of course I didn’t speak Japanese so they translated 8 minutes of my act and sent me the cassette to learn and memorize. (That’s right, cassette) …

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