Too Young to Play Japan

This was the first time I had traveled internationally. I was offered a comedy spot within a show produced at the Show Boat Casino in Tokyo, Japan.


Of course I didn’t speak Japanese so they translated 8 minutes of my act and sent me the cassette to learn and memorize. (That’s right, cassette) …

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Playing Las Vegas


Every act wants to play Vegas in their career. I was so lucky to work the strip before Cirque and the big magic shows pummeled the booking market for any other variety act that made the town famous.

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I Was a Stage Tech a.k.a. I Started in BLACKS


The only thing that got me through high school was the Work/Study program. A senior program that I started doing as a freshman after strong-arming Mrs. Miesse (mee-see), the school guidance counselor.

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Stage Managing Bill Clinton

I received a call to stage manage, as I usually was for any high profile, high security events or productions at the Beverly Hilton thanks to friend, occasional savior and super woman, Rachel Wolfe.


While production managers and technical directors are higher on the chain of command, when you are the stage manager, it is your template, your lead, your team, your world …


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As far as society has come along with equal rights to women, gays and minorities, in some ways the world is even more repressed thanks for over-political correctness. If this is the age of “sharing and caring”, then let’s really go for it.


I believe we should reintegrate our childhood behaviors into our adulthood communication skills.


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Phyllis Diller Takes Me to Breakfast


I was introduced to Phyllis Diller in Reno, Nevada. I entered her dressing room and she had a big smile. So cute and warm, she reminded me of my grandmother…









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Michael J. Fox Screwed Me on Letterman



I have been to the David Letterman “Late Show” theatre twice. Once as an audience member, which was great. While in line, the audience producers give some direction about what works and what doesn’t on camera…







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The Day Ben Affleck Almost Kicked My Ass

For a few years I would make money being hired as a fake guest speaker for corporate event entertainment. For example, during the after dinner awards and speeches I might be introduced as the CEO’s brother…







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Don Rickles

Joan Rivers was spilt-billing with Don Rickles. Backstage we hugged. I remember I wanted a photo of us. She had just gotten an acid face peel and her face had strawberry splotches so she agreed but made her assistant take the photo from way down the hall! She then said, “You wana meet Don?”


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