Consults and coaches Spacey for new indie film.


Indie film, ‘The Ventriloquist,’ follows a taciturn ventriloquist who tries to outwit his gregarious dummy produced and starring Kevin Spacey .


Spacey hired “Dummy Doctor” Alan Semok ( as a consultant and puppet designer on the film. He has taught the vent technique for numerous films and TV shows including Adrien Brody, Tim Robbins and David Wain’s “The Ten” where he met the film’s co-star, Michael Paul Ziegfeld. Alan was also commissioned the refurbishing of the original Howdy Doody by Buffalo Read MoreRead More

2/12 Modern Problems Radio Interview




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“Homorazzi” Interview


I detest being titled a gay or out comic. Who I f**k,  has nothing to do with my craft. My only responsibility is to my “art”. If people relate, great. If they don’t, fine.


However, I liked these guys SO much, so I did the interview.


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Huffington Post: Excessive ‘Clapping Along’ and the ‘Round of Applause’

 I am finally coming out against the stage performer’s abuse of the request for us, the audience to “clap along”. We don’t WANT to clap along. I’m off, you’re working, I paid for this ticket, YOU clap along.

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BE THE LINK Campaign Shoot

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WPIX New York


I just got off the red eye, no make up, no coffee … I look like a terrorist.


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